Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

24020f 24020b
240201 I’m selling these two issues of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. According to the footer of the inside front cover, these were “Published by South Pacific Publications Limited Hong Kong, / Philippines and Rosnock Publications, Australia / Printed in the Philippines.” My father bought these for me when I was young and, believe it or not, I’ve never read them. (I probably will soon.) Because of this, they are in quite good condition compared with my other Philippine reprints.

The front outside covers are colored while all the other pages are in black and white. The covers are not glossy, but seem to be of better quality paper than the inner pages. Each comic book has 24 pages.

The issue shown above is numbered 24020. It has a 22-page story and two pages of a “picture dictionary” (“wolf” and “gaur”), each having five panels of drawings and informative text. The inner front cover is also a “picture dictionary” (“court”) and the inner back cover is a set of four wordless comic strips called “Quick Takes” (with a 1967 copyright held by Western Publishing Company, Inc.). The story has a 1970 copyright, but it seems that the original “special re-issue” was published in 1974.

24066f 24066b
240661 Issue number 24066 seems to be a 1974 reprint of issue number 2147 which was published in 1971. It has a 24-page story. Its inner front cover is about “Wonders of the Sea! Sturgeon” and the inner back cover is about “Wild Animals of North America: Pronghorn Antelopes.” Both have copyrights held by Western Publishing Company, Inc., with the first dated 1969 and the second dated 1964.

Each comic book has a National Book Store price tag of one peso. The art is actually quite good. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions.)


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