200Yesterday I passed by the mall where I usually get my Hot Wheels. A saleslady saw me and asked if I was a “collector.” After I replied that I was, she handed me a Mars Rover Curiosity and a Bat-Pod. I already had a 2014 Mars Rover Curiosity but the one I had had black wheels, while this new one had “dirty” black/brown wheels. I found another Mars Rover Curiosity with dirty wheels and, suspecting that they may be hard to find, bought them both. Before I bought these three, my wife and I had 197 main line mint on card Hot Wheels. We’ve decided that the Bat-Pod is our 200th.

Hot Wheels Main Line Mint on Card

My wife and I started collecting Hot Wheels in 1999 or in 2000. Most of our collection of scale models are main line Hot Wheels that are mint on card. When these pictures were taken we had 197 of them.

These do not include those that are loose (but in mint condition), those in mutilated cards (don’t ask), or those from my childhood collection (loose and well-worn). We also have some non-main line Hot Wheels.

These last two pictures were taken by my wife. They show the same Hot Wheels but from different angles.


Kinder Joy FT 309

kj1 kj2
My daughter got this blue plastic car in a Kinder Joy she bought. Half of the egg has “crispy cocoa specialties on milky and cocoa creams” and the other half has “a surprise toy.” Aside from these, there was a plastic scoop and a piece of paper describing what you can do with the toy.

kj3 kj4
I was impressed with how the toy was packaged in the egg. The car is made up of two pieces that, when separated and with one piece reversed, fits half the egg with room to spare. When assembled, it doesn’t fit any more.

kj5 kj6
kj7 kj8