Large snail

snail1Today, as part of the outreach activities of Ateneo de Naga University in celebration of Ignatius day, I took part in some tree planting in Panicuason, Naga City. We planted saplings at a high location (either a hill side or a mountain side), and I was surprised to find this land snail shell having a diameter of around 8.5 cm. (It was filled with soil when I found it.)


Jose Rizal @ 150

When I went to the Naga City post office last week to look at the philatelic items for sale, I was pleasantly surprised by this Jose Rizal @ 150 souvenir sheet first day cover. At 7.25 by 9.5 inches, it is the largest first day cover I have ever seen. (Click on the image to see a higher resolution version.)
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160th anniversary of the first Philippine stamps

A few days ago, I went to the Naga City post office to mail a package. I passed by the office of the post master to see if they had any philatelic items for sale. They had a lot of souvenir sheets and first day covers, all at very reasonable prices. I had to limit my purchases; I read in a book that if one is to be a collector and not just an accumulator, one has to choose a very narrow theme. Right now I’m thinking of limiting my philatelic collection to “Philippine stamps about Philippine stamps.”

I bought this “2014 National Stamp Collecting Month (November) 160 Years First Philippine Stamps 1854-2014” sheet of sixteen 10-peso stamps for 160 pesos. (Unfortunately, the souvenir sheet of four 20-peso stamps was sold out. This is quite unfortunate; only 5,000 souvenir sheets were made and I think they had embossing.)

I was surprised to learn (from the Philippine Postal Corporation website) that “[t]he Philippines was the first country in Asia to issue postage stamps.” More information about the first Philippine postage stamps can be found here.

Publishing research outputs and refereeing journals

I was the keynote speaker for the Council of Deans and Department Chairs of Colleges of Arts and Sciences Region V General Assembly and Research Forum held today at the University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City. CODDCCAS asked me to give a one-hour talk on “Publishing research outputs and refereeing journals.” I thank CODDCCAS for inviting me.

Click here to get a copy of my slides. Click here to get a copy of the COPE Report 2003 (Guidelines on good publication practice).