ALEMAR’S reprint PE 101 (Popeye)

PE101f PE101b
I’m selling another reprint published by the ALEMAR’s Mass Market Books Division most likely in 1979 or a few years later. The front cover is taken from Popeye #21 (published in 1952 by Dell Publishing). It has 20 pages, 16 of which are for “Interplanetary Battle,” a story from Popeye #21. The inner front cover, the inner back cover, and two of the pages have ALEMAR’S advertisements. The other two pages have one-page short stories—“Loser Take All…” and “Honey and Vinegar.” Both have a footer indicating a 1979 copyright held by Dell Publishing Co., Inc. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions of them.)

pe101s1 pe101s2
This one is in worse condition than my other Popeye; aside from amateur tape repair, there are some instances of writing in ink.


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