Siku No. 1943

When I saw the vehicle above in this Siku catalog (where I got the pictures from), I was very surprised. To the best of my knowledge, Siku never made any fantasy scale models. I just found out that the Volkner Mobil Performance is an actual vehicle.

s1943b s1943c
The middle garage is a hydraulic drop down-slide out vehicle cargo bay.

s1943d s1943e
A wall-out expands the interior space. The model has a scale of 1:55.

Siku No. 5601

SIKU’s new models for 2014 have been announced. One of my favorites is the Starter Set farmer. It seems to be in a 1:50 scale.

It contains: 9 plates, partially printed with one hilly plate; 8 connection buttons; 1 barn with roof and gates; 10 trees; 1 movable silo; 1 bag with litter; 15 fence elements including gate; 2 cows; and 1 tractor with trailer.

I got the images from here. Note that it refers to the the Starter Set farmer as 5601 and as 5691 (the latter most likely a typo).


Rare math book?

I was looking through the Rare Books section of the AbeBooks website a few days ago and searched for some books with the keyword math. The first entry is shown above, a book by Copernicus published in 1542. (It seems that the books with the highest prices are listed first.) A quick internet search reveals that the $350,000 price for this book is reasonable. (But I doubt that anyone interested in buying the book would have it shipped for $6.50.)

The second book on the list is shown above, a book published in 1990. There are three copies of this book for sale. Which one would you choose, the one priced at $149.90 or the one priced at $118,935.97?

National Year of Rice

nyrice I just got a National Year of Rice commemorative note. More information about the National Year of Rice can be found at From that website:

The National Year of Rice is part of the Philippine government’s bid to achieve rice-self-sufficiency beginning 2013. It is an advocacy campaign that aims to promote responsible rice consumption for better health and less rice wastage and productive farming through the promotion of efficient rice technologies and inspiring farmers to do better. The year 2013 was proclaimed as the National Year of Rice by President Benigno S. Aquino III under Proclamation no. 494 on October 18, 2012 to enjoin everyone in this advocacy.