ALEMAR’S reprint PE 103 (Popeye)

pe103of pe103ob
I’m selling a reprint created by the ALEMAR’s Mass Market Books Division. It seems that it cost 1.95 pesos when it was first bought. (“1.95” is written in pencil on the upper right corner of the front cover.) The cover identifies the comic book as “PE 103.” The reprint has 20 pages and reproduces the 16-page story “Spinach Farm!” by Bud Sagendorf from Popeye #22 (published in 1952 by Dell Publishing). Note that the cover of the actual Popeye #22 describes a scene from a different Popeye story. It seems that because this story is not included in the reprint, ALEMAR’S has chosen a cover that reproduces a panel from the “Spinach Farm!” story (the fourth panel on page 11).
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LEGO 30196

30196l01 30196l02
30196l05 I got this set of LEGO Minifigures some time ago by buying 1,500 pesos worth of fuel and paying 140 pesos. A flyer describes the Minifigures this way: “1. Ferrari Refueling Engineer The role of this engineer is to make sure that the right amount of Shell fuel is put into the car before each race. This LEGO Minifigure comes with a mobile refueling unit. 2. Shell Track Scientist It is her role to analyze fuel from before, during and after each race, ensuring the Ferrari team gets the best possible performance from their cars. This LEGO Minifigure comes with a laboratory rack and multiple Shell fuel samples. 3. Ferrari Race Mechanic The Ferrari race mechanics are key to making sure the car is running properly all the way through each race. This LEGO Minifigure comes with the trolley used to lift the front of the car during each pitstop.” The stickers came in a cardboard box with the number 6027723 impressed on it.

30196l03 30196l04

LEGO 30193

30193l01 30193l02
30193l05 I got this Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta some time ago by buying 1,500 pesos worth of fuel and paying 140 pesos. A flyer describes it this way: “Its distinctive round headlights work incredibly well in LEGO bricks giving the final model the unmistakable profile of this classic Ferrari.” It has a pullback motor (called a Micro Engine in the flyer). The stickers came in a cardboard box with the number 6014531 impressed on it.

30193l03 30193l04

Shell V-Power Nitro+ LEGO Collection

svpnplc2 I have two sets from the Shell V-Power Nitro+ LEGO Collection promoted from October 28, 2012 to November 30, 2012 (a Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta and a set of LEGO Minifigures) and one set from the newer collection promoted from October 30, 2014 to January 15, 2015 (a Shell Station). I like the fact that LEGO includes extra parts with their sets.
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Dreams vs. Reality

hw2014f hw2014b
This morning I dreamt that I was in a mall. I went to the toy section while my wife and daughter went elsewhere. There were a lot of really nice scale models: a black 1957 Chevrolet version of a Batmobile, a matte olive A-Team van, and so on. There were so many that I had to look for a store basket to carry them all. It was a nice dream.
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World Order

I recently learned about World Order from the YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014 video. (The picture above is a slightly modified version of a picture taken from this website. It seems to be part of the cover art of their “2012” album.) From their website:

World Order — a group creating an unique genre of performing arts through its original musical and physical expression

Their Wikipedia page currently doesn’t say much. Visit their YouTube page to see their videos.