Order of operations

It is generally accepted by mathematics educators and by scientific calculator companies that in the “correct” order of arithmetic operations, multiplication and division are done from left to right. Thus, 48÷4×12 is evaluated as 144. The Casio fx-82MS and the Casio fx-350ES shown above give this answer. There is, however, some disagreement whenever parentheses are used to indicate multiplication.

My daughter’s high school teacher asked her to evaluate 48÷4(12). My daughter’s answer was 144; her teacher’s answer was 1. What answer is given by the calculators?
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Volkswagen Beetle

vwbth As I was writing this blog post, I was surprised to realize that I had not yet blogged about the Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetles my wife and I have collected (except for Herbie). This afternoon, I saw three of these Volkswagen Beetles from 2015 and I bought one of them. While I was eating lunch, I was surprised to find a circle flame logo on the front of the card behind the scale model. Although I regularly look for the circle flame logo on the scale models (which the newer regular Treasure Hunts have), I did not see it on the hood of the car.

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Fire Engines

oldno55 5alarm
backdraf My wife and I don’t collect fire engines but we’ve bought a few of the weirder looking ones. Shown above left is an Old Number 5.5 from 2007 (not to be confused with the Old Number 5), and shown above right is a 5 Alarm from 2009. The one shown on the left is a recent acquisition: a Backdrafter from 2015. All three are either first or second releases. We also have a 2009 Fire-Eater Treasure Hunt. (Note that the 5 Alarm shown here has a circle flame logo on its side, but it is not a Treasure Hunt.)
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