Dreams vs. Reality

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This morning I dreamt that I was in a mall. I went to the toy section while my wife and daughter went elsewhere. There were a lot of really nice scale models: a black 1957 Chevrolet version of a Batmobile, a matte olive A-Team van, and so on. There were so many that I had to look for a store basket to carry them all. It was a nice dream.

Before my family went to the mall today, I jokingly put Treasure Hunts on the shopping list.

When we reached the mall, I went to the toy section while my wife and daughter went elsewhere. I found around 120 Hot Wheels Collectors Booklets (similar to those I blogged about earlier). I looked through all of them; they were all Treasure Hunts. I found 28 distinct Treasure Hunts and I had to get a store basket to hold them all. Each package was worth around 180 pesos, almost twice the price of a mainline Hot Wheels. If I bought all 28, I would be spending around 5040 pesos. Sadly, in real life, I could not buy all of them.

I decided to prioritize those that had metal bodies and metal bases, then those that did not have duplicates for sale. Although a few had tires with writing on them, it seemed that none of them had Real Riders. Thus, I assume there were no Super Treasure Hunts there. I finally decided on buying the following 14 models.

th200807 th200810
There are two models from 2008: a Dodge Challenger Funny Car and a ’64 Buick Riviera.

th200904 th200908
From 2009 are a Fire-Eater and a Bone Shaker. I’m not too fond of the Fire-Eater, but I bought it because it was the only one for sale.

th201001 th201003
th201006 th201009
Five models are from 2010: a Custom ’53 Cadillac, a Classic Packard, a Gangster Grin, a ’69 Ford Torino Talladega, and a ’69 Ford Mustang.

th201012 th201106 th201112 th201113
Four models are from 2011: a ’63 T-Bird, a Datsun 240Z, an ’80 El Camino, and a ’59 Chevy Delivery.

th201115 th201213
The last model is from 2012: a Surf Crate.

The ’69 Ford Torino Talladega had Good Year Eagle tires. The Dodge Challenger Funny Car, the Bone Shaker, the Classic Packard, the ’63 T-Bird, the ’80 El Camino, the ’59 Chevy Delivery, and the Surf Crate have metal bases.

The ones I left behind were a Ford Mustang GT (2008), a 16 Angels (2008), a Bad Bagger (2009), a ’37 Ford (2009), a Ratbomb (2010), a Ford GTX1 (2010), a ’57 Chevy (2011), a ’68 Olds 442 (2011), a Corvette Grand Sport (2011), an OCC Splitback (2011), a Ducati 1098 (2012), a ’69 Chevelle SS 396 (2012), a ’65 Ford Ranchero (2012), and a ’70 Chevy Chevelle Convertible (2012).

Fortunately, the store had a 10% discount on toys today, so I paid only 2264.92 pesos for the 14 models I got.

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