Tuk-tuk 2

In my hurry to buy the Majorette Tuk-tuks I saw last October 22, 2017, I didn’t realize that there were four color variants for that series. I went to the store a week later and was able to buy the fourth one.

Note that the blue one I blogged about earlier has silver wheels and a red windshield frame; the one above has yellow wheels and a yellow windshield frame.

I was also able to buy the two color variants of the Majorette Auto Rickshaw. According to the Majorette Diecast Database, it seems that the four Tuk-tuks are intended for sale only in Thailand, while the two Auto Rickshaws are intended for sale only in India.



The weird models that I mentioned in an earlier blog post were tuk-tuks. I’ve never seen scale models of these before, and the fact that these were priced a little high (around 180 pesos; an ordinary Majorette costs around 110 pesos) implies that there were probably a lower number of them produced (because their quality seems to be similar to that of ordinary models).

The quality is pretty good for the price. The main body (colored red, green, or blue) is made of metal; the rest are made of plastic. The models are made in Thailand and have a scale of 1:47 (which is a problem since most of my models have a scale of around 1:64).

I found models in three different colors; I don’t know if there are models in other colors. At the top of the roof is a sign labeled “TAXI,” the rear of the vehicle has a sign labeled “THAILAND,” the right side has a sign labeled “มจ 1964” (possibly “MC 1964”), and the front has a sign labeled “มจ 1964” plus a few more Thai characters that I couldn’t read.

Majorette Transporter

Earlier today, when I arrived at the toy shop I usually visit, I saw lots of new Majorettes. There were a few long models and there were two copies of this car carrier trailer. I immediately got one, then saw some weird models that caught my interest. Another guy (who was probably the same age as I was) was also going through the Majorettes. I showed him the weird models, but he said he wasn’t interested in them. Later I see that he had taken the other car carrier trailer that was being sold. It seems that he was also looking for these.

I have always wanted a car carrier trailer scale model ever since I saw one in a Matchbox catalog when I was a child. I bought my first one last year (with a scale of 1:64), and this is my second one. This is my first Majorette and it is made in Thailand. The windows, the base, the wheels, the ramp, and the top level are made of plastic and the rest are made of metal. The price of around 400 pesos was reasonable. The card says the truck is a MAN TGA XXL, but the text at the bottom of the model states that it is a MAN TGX. The latter also states that the scale is 1:87, the same as my Siku truck with trailer and compact excavator. Unfortunately, most of my scale models have a scale of around 1:64, and I don’t know if any of my cars will fit on the truck. I might open the package in the future to find out. (When I mentioned this to my wife and my daughter, they were a little shocked.)

Tomica Subaru Impreza WRX STI 4door

I bought this Tomica Subaru Impreza WRX STI 4door around one and a half weeks ago at the Toys “R” Us in Robinsons Place Naga. There were two units for sale.

At 500 pesos, it was not that expensive, considering that a typical Tomica costs around 200 to 300 pesos, with premium models costing around 400 pesos. I noted that a previous price tag had been removed, which I took to mean that it was previously being sold for a higher price.

The model had a plastic base and what I assume is a metal body covered in what I assume is chrome paint. I had absolutely no idea how rare the model was, but I finally decided to buy it because of the plain looking box. My previous experience with Tomica models is that the rarer the item, the simpler the box.

After I bought it, I searched the internet for more information about it. I didn’t find much, but unofficial sources say that this model was never meant to be for sale; it was a give-away during special events. A few of these were being sold. One selling for HK$ 125 (around 800 pesos) had been sold, and I think another one selling for around 900 pesos had also been sold. One priced at US$78.80 (around 4000 pesos) is still available.

I passed by the same store this afternoon and the other unit was still unsold.