Siku No. 1943

When I saw the vehicle above in this Siku catalog (where I got the pictures from), I was very surprised. To the best of my knowledge, Siku never made any fantasy scale models. I just found out that the Volkner Mobil Performance is an actual vehicle.

s1943b s1943c
The middle garage is a hydraulic drop down-slide out vehicle cargo bay.

s1943d s1943e
A wall-out expands the interior space. The model has a scale of 1:55.


Siku No. 5601

SIKU’s new models for 2014 have been announced. One of my favorites is the Starter Set farmer. It seems to be in a 1:50 scale.

It contains: 9 plates, partially printed with one hilly plate; 8 connection buttons; 1 barn with roof and gates; 10 trees; 1 movable silo; 1 bag with litter; 15 fence elements including gate; 2 cows; and 1 tractor with trailer.

I got the images from here. Note that it refers to the the Starter Set farmer as 5601 and as 5691 (the latter most likely a typo).


Siku No. 0870

0870fl 0870br
The Siku No. 0870 Tank has a metal body and a plastic base. Its control tower can be rotated and the plastic main gun can be slightly raised or lowered. It has four hidden wheels underneath; its continuous tracks are decorative and non-functional.

0870fr 0870bl
It seems like I made a mistake in the pictures in an earlier post. The control tower there is shown facing backwards.

Military vehicles

As a child, I had a few scale model military vehicles: a Matchbox #K108 M3A1 Half Track APC, a Matchbox #32e Field Gun, a Matchbox #30e Swamp Rat, and an unidentified tank. I don’t have them any more.

A few years ago, I bought a Tomica #114 JSDF light armoured vehicle and was amazed by its quality. (It’s shown on the right in the pictures here.) I was recently able to buy a Siku #0870 Tank (shown in the middle) and a Siku #0871 Armoured Reconnaissance Tank (shown on the left).

I find it ironic that Tomica is a Japanese brand, Siku is a German brand, and these scale models are all made in China.

The picture below should give an idea of the amazing detail on these models. I’ll be blogging about each of them in the future.


School buses

sbsiku Aside from collecting weird-looking vehicles, my wife and I also like to collect scale models of school buses. A recent addition is the Siku US School Bus #1319 shown on the left which I bought in Rustan’s in Alabang for around 180 pesos.

sbma2 sbma

Shown above are some Maisto school buses. (I mentioned the one on the left in a previous post.)

sbmb sbhw216

The Matchbox GMC School Bus shown above left is really beautiful. It and the Hot Wheels School Bus shown above right come in many variations.

sbhw2 sbhw1

We currently have three versions of the Hot Wheels Surfin’ School Bus. We bought the one above without a card. It seems to be a 2005 Red Lines Series collector number 96 made in Malaysia. The pictures in the cards below show the ridiculously small lone door.

sbhw232 sbhw31