Majorette Transporter

Earlier today, when I arrived at the toy shop I usually visit, I saw lots of new Majorettes. There were a few long models and there were two copies of this car carrier trailer. I immediately got one, then saw some weird models that caught my interest. Another guy (who was probably the same age as I was) was also going through the Majorettes. I showed him the weird models, but he said he wasn’t interested in them. Later I see that he had taken the other car carrier trailer that was being sold. It seems that he was also looking for these.

I have always wanted a car carrier trailer scale model ever since I saw one in a Matchbox catalog when I was a child. I bought my first one last year (with a scale of 1:64), and this is my second one. This is my first Majorette and it is made in Thailand. The windows, the base, the wheels, the ramp, and the top level are made of plastic and the rest are made of metal. The price of around 400 pesos was reasonable. The card says the truck is a MAN TGA XXL, but the text at the bottom of the model states that it is a MAN TGX. The latter also states that the scale is 1:87, the same as my Siku truck with trailer and compact excavator. Unfortunately, most of my scale models have a scale of around 1:64, and I don’t know if any of my cars will fit on the truck. I might open the package in the future to find out. (When I mentioned this to my wife and my daughter, they were a little shocked.)

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