Maisto Fresh Metal Forces 3.0

When I started seriously collecting scale models (a.k.a. toy cars) around 18 years ago, there were practically no scale model military vehicles for sale. But there have been quite a few in the past few years, although these tended to be of low quality and made of plastic. A few years ago I had some luck and was able to buy some nice quality military vehicles. Today was the first time I saw these Maisto Fresh Metal Forces vehicles.

There were two kinds for sale: The 3.0 series (around 3 inches in length) cost around 100 pesos each, and the 4.5 series (around 4.5 inches in length) cost around 300 pesos each. These two tanks that I bought had “traditional camouflage” paint and are from the 3.0 series, the other tanks from the 4.5 series that were on sale had “snow camo” paint.

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More Maisto: Fresh Metal

rosewoo2 knuckled
I previously blogged about some Maisto: Fresh Metal models that I have.

octablit Since then, I’ve gotten a few more: a dark blue Rosewood (the earlier one was light brownish-yellow) and a Knuckle Dragger. I like that they are in window boxes; it allows me to inspect them more closely without destroying the package. The one on the left is an Octo-Blitzer. If you look at the Maisto catalog, you will see that Maisto is making some effort to create some weird-looking vehicles. Of these, I like Skool Bust, Skooter, and Octo-Blitzer (and perhaps the SpeedDawg; I haven’t seen one of these yet). The others are just too ugly (they’re so ugly that they’re ugly).

School buses

sbsiku Aside from collecting weird-looking vehicles, my wife and I also like to collect scale models of school buses. A recent addition is the Siku US School Bus #1319 shown on the left which I bought in Rustan’s in Alabang for around 180 pesos.

sbma2 sbma

Shown above are some Maisto school buses. (I mentioned the one on the left in a previous post.)

sbmb sbhw216

The Matchbox GMC School Bus shown above left is really beautiful. It and the Hot Wheels School Bus shown above right come in many variations.

sbhw2 sbhw1

We currently have three versions of the Hot Wheels Surfin’ School Bus. We bought the one above without a card. It seems to be a 2005 Red Lines Series collector number 96 made in Malaysia. The pictures in the cards below show the ridiculously small lone door.

sbhw232 sbhw31

Maisto: Fresh metal

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One company that I think collectors of diecast scale models should watch out for is Maisto. I’m particularly interested in their Fresh Metal line because their cars here are cheaper than comparable Hot Wheels (right now, 80 pesos versus 100 pesos) and, because the ones locally available¬†are in window boxes, I can play with them without destroying the packaging.

The ones I have so far are Skool Bust, Skooter, Leadslinger, Whiplash, and Rosewood (shown above, from left to right).