Maisto Volkswagen Beetles

I just bought two Maisto Volkswagen Beetles. These usually sell for around 80 pesos each, but there was a 10% discount on the day I bought them. Both are made in China and have metallic paint, black plastic windows, metal bodies, and plastic bases.

mvw1300x mvwoffrx
The regular Beetle has the label “VW 1300” at the bottom. The wheels bounce back when pressed, unlike those of the other Beetle.

The off-road Beetle has the label “VW” at the bottom. Note the Hays Clutches logo on the doors.

olbvThe silver plastic exhaust pipe is a little loose.

The box of the VW 1300 has a hologram sticker that has the text “Officially licensed by Volkswagen” and in a smaller font the words “Genuine accessories” (I think). (The box of the other Beetle doesn’t have the hologram sticker.)

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