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Selected journal papers

J. Noche, E. Baloloy, Y. V. De Luna, F. C. Salcedo, and E. Abellon, The impact of supplemental self-paced instruction on conceptual understanding and procedural skill of adolescents, The Mathematics Educator, 18(1–2) (2019), 75–99.
J. Noche, On generalized choral sequences, Gibón, 9 (2011), 51–69.
J. Noche, Systematic errors in arithmetic of some college students, Kamawotan, 3(1–2) (2009), 74–86.
J. Noche, Generalized choral sequences, Matimyás Matematika, 31(1–3) (2008), 25–28.
J. Noche, On Stewart’s choral sequence, Gibón, 8(1) (2008), 1–5.
J. Noche, Views of some Bicol science teachers on goals of science education, Kamawotan, 2(1–2) (2008), 111–126.
J. Noche and J. Araneta, An asynchronous IEEE floating-point arithmetic unit, Science Diliman, 19(2) (2007), 12–22.
J. Sacayanan and J. Noche, Modeling of delay-insensitive circuit building-blocks using the Hamburg Design System, Philippine Engineering Journal, XXIII(2) (2002), 11–18.

Selected conference papers

J. R. Noche and C. P. Vistro-Yu, Teaching proportional reasoning concepts and procedures using repetition with variation, Proceedings of the 7th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education, (2015), 283–294.
J. Noche, Thomas Harriot’s numerical solution of algebraic equations, Proceedings of the 2014 Bicol Mathematics Conference, (2014), 53–60.
J. Noche, Periodic billiard paths in triangles, Proceedings of the 2012 Bicol Mathematics Conference, (2012), 35–39.
J. Noche, Implementations of delay-insensitive circuits, 2009 Engineering Bicol Research Conference, (2009).

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