I learned about Inform (“a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language”) while I was looking at the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf StackExchange site.

Here is a very short Inform program that I wrote:

"Feed the Cat" by Joel Reyes Noche

When play begins, say "Put some tuna in the bowl to feed Mow."

The Dining Room is a room. "The kitchen is to the north."

Mow is an animal in the Dining Room. "Your cat Mow is rubbing against your legs." Understand "cat" as Mow.

The bowl is a container in the Dining Room.

The Kitchen is north of the Dining Room. "The dining room is to the south."

The refrigerator is a closed openable container that is fixed in place in the Kitchen. The tuna is in the refrigerator. The tuna is edible.

Instead of giving the tuna to Mow:

say "Mow stares at you and refuses to eat the tuna."

After inserting the tuna into the bowl:

say "You put the tuna in the bowl. Mow goes to the bowl and eats the tuna.";
remove the tuna from play;
end the game in victory.

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“Sir, collector ba kayo?”


During my trip to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I passed by Royal Duty Free Shop. I was looking through the Hot Wheels and found two copies of “The Homer.” I also found a nice school bus. A saleslady approached me and asked me if I was a “collector.” When I replied that I was, she got a box from somewhere else and let me look through it. There were some muscle cars and sports cars, but what caught my attention were quite a few copies of “The Tumbler-Camouflage Version.”


As I was leaving to pay for my purchase, I saw another Hot Wheels on a low shelf separate from the others. I looked at it very carefully and sent a text message to my wife asking her to look up something for me in the internet. After she replied, I decided to buy it also. I’ll describe it in a separate blog post.

Subic Bay Freeport Zone

oceanadv treetopa
The administrators of the university I work for recently went to Subic Bay Freeport Zone for a group growth activity. We stayed at Subic Holiday Villas. We went to Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, and Tree Top Adventure. (Click on each picture to see a higher resolution image.) I liked Ocean Adventure and Tree Top Adventure. But my experience at Zoobic Safari was a little disappointing. The employees there took our picture without telling us that it would cost an additional 295 pesos per print.