Arrow Dynamic

Another recent purchase from the Toys “R” Us at Robinsons Place Naga is this Arrow Dynamic.


Treasure Hunts

It’s been more than four months since I last blogged about Hot Wheels. Since then, I’ve been able to buy a few Hot Wheels, three of them Treasure Hunts.

The Dragon Blaster shown above was part of my shopping spree last January. Although the circle-flame logo on the vehicle can’t be seen in the picture, the image on the card shows that it is on the dragon’s forehead.

The circle-flame logo on the ‘Tooned ’69 Camaro Z28 shown above can be seen near the rear wheel on the right side of the vehicle (but not on the card).

At first sight, the Fandango shown above doesn’t seem to have a circle-flame logo either on the vehicle or on the card. But it’s a good thing they made it extra large on the vehicle’s roof.

2013 Bad to the Blade

bttbcfl I originally had no intention of buying this Hot Wheels Hot Box but I noted that one of the two free scale models included with it has a nice circle flame logo: a 2013 Bad to the Blade. At the current price of 130 pesos per scale model, bttb2013 the box cost me around 240 pesos, which is a bit expensive. After I bought it, I discovered that the plastic box had a large crack (around 3.5 inches long) near the handle, and was missing a plastic piece with a size of around a square inch. The container has space for 15 scale models, with each compartment having a size of 3.25″ x 1.25″ x 1.3″, which is too small for some of my scale models.