“Sir, collector ba kayo?”


During my trip to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I passed by Royal Duty Free Shop. I was looking through the Hot Wheels and found two copies of “The Homer.” I also found a nice school bus. A saleslady approached me and asked me if I was a “collector.” When I replied that I was, she got a box from somewhere else and let me look through it. There were some muscle cars and sports cars, but what caught my attention were quite a few copies of “The Tumbler-Camouflage Version.”


As I was leaving to pay for my purchase, I saw another Hot Wheels on a low shelf separate from the others. I looked at it very carefully and sent a text message to my wife asking her to look up something for me in the internet. After she replied, I decided to buy it also. I’ll describe it in a separate blog post.

Mixed bag


My wife and I just bought some Hot Wheels at a 10% discount. The Batcopter and the Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile are additions to our Batmobile collection. (The Batcopter was bought some time ago, and this Arkham Asylum Batmobile is a 2013 variant of the 2011 first release.)


The Hot Wheels High is an addition to our school bus collection. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 shown here is a “battle-damaged” variant.

School buses

sbsiku Aside from collecting weird-looking vehicles, my wife and I also like to collect scale models of school buses. A recent addition is the Siku US School Bus #1319 shown on the left which I bought in Rustan’s in Alabang for around 180 pesos.

sbma2 sbma

Shown above are some Maisto school buses. (I mentioned the one on the left in a previous post.)

sbmb sbhw216

The Matchbox GMC School Bus shown above left is really beautiful. It and the Hot Wheels School Bus shown above right come in many variations.

sbhw2 sbhw1

We currently have three versions of the Hot Wheels Surfin’ School Bus. We bought the one above without a card. It seems to be a 2005 Red Lines Series collector number 96 made in Malaysia. The pictures in the cards below show the ridiculously small lone door.

sbhw232 sbhw31