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My wife and I currently have eight Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetles: Herbie and the Treasure Hunts and the six shown here.
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vwbth As I was writing this blog post, I was surprised to realize that I had not yet blogged about the Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetles my wife and I have collected (except for Herbie). This afternoon, I saw three of these Volkswagen Beetles from 2015 and I bought one of them. While I was eating lunch, I was surprised to find a circle flame logo on the front of the card behind the scale model. Although I regularly look for the circle flame logo on the scale models (which the newer regular Treasure Hunts have), I did not see it on the hood of the car.

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batmanl2 batmps3
I recently bought a Batman Live Batmobile in black and a pinstriped “1989 Batmobile” with a “black mirror” body. (It may not be obvious from my photograph, but the black mirror paint is sort of like what you get when you mix pewter with motor oil: a rainbow effect.) Both have yellow tinted windows.

oldno55 5alarm
backdraf My wife and I don’t collect fire engines but we’ve bought a few of the weirder looking ones. Shown above left is an Old Number 5.5 from 2007 (not to be confused with the Old Number 5), and shown above right is a 5 Alarm from 2009. The one shown on the left is a recent acquisition: a Backdrafter from 2015. All three are either first or second releases. We also have a 2009 Fire-Eater Treasure Hunt. (Note that the 5 Alarm shown here has a circle flame logo on its side, but it is not a Treasure Hunt.)
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yotg2 yotg1
My friend Dennis from Australia gave me the Hot Wheels Year of the Goat 2015 car shown above left. I understand that it is exclusively available from Toys R Us. The Carbonic shown above right is a recent acquisition. Read the rest of this entry »

A book entitled Komiks: Katha at Guhit ni Francisco V. Coching was given to me last Christmas by my friend Allan Sioson, who got the book from Koko Coching’s family. Read the rest of this entry »

This Dream Tomica Mothra goes well with my Dream Tomica Godzilla.

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morrism2 morrism3
minivan I previously blogged about my father’s two Tomica Mini Coopers. As for me, I currently have three Hot Wheels Mini Coopers, all of them with removable bodies: a 2014 model in Metalflake Dark Red, a 2014 model in British Racing Green (above left), and a 2015 model in orange (above right). I recently bought a ’67 Austin Mini Van from 2015 (on the left) with multicolored PR5 wheels.

mdsob mdssp mdsof
A few months ago, I bought a copy of Math Doesn’t Suck by Danica McKellar at a BOOKSALE outlet. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions.) I know she has experience being a mathematician, but I didn’t know how much experience she has being a mathematics educator. I had done some study on conceptual and procedural knowledge in mathematics so I was very curious to know which she would introduce first—concepts or procedures—and which she would emphasize more. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ateneo de Naga University gives service awards for every five years of service. Last February 20, 2015, I received my second service award. (I blogged about my first service award here.) Shown below is the section about me in the booklet about the 2014-2015 service awards. (Both images are courtesy of the ADNU Human Resource Management Office.)



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