1000 is blue, 100 is violet

When the Philippine New Generation Currency series was released in December 2010, it was intended for the 1000-peso bill to be light blue and the 100-peso bill to be violet. But the actual design of the 1000-peso bill (shown above at the top) had some violet portions and the 100-peso bill (shown above in the middle) had some blue portions.

This helped some tricksters make some easy money. They would show a cashier of a small shop a 1000-peso bill and ask for it to be exchanged with smaller denomination bills of equal total value. When it was time to exchange the bills, the tricksters would swap the 1000-peso bill with a 100-peso bill folded so that the blue portion was visible and the figure “100” was hidden.

To avoid confusion, the Central Bank of the Philippines changed the colors of the 100-peso bill starting with those dated 2015 A, changing most of the blue color to violet and lilac (as seen above at the bottom).

Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback

DHR85-D7B3 I bought this Hot Wheels Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback because it is missing some of its decorative paint on the model’s passenger side (the yellow paint on the top half and the purple paint on the front half). (You can see the intended design on the card.) It seems that versions of this model exist without any decorative paint at all; see this YouTube video, for example.
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Out of the Box

During my recent trip to Metro Manila, I bought this M2 Machines Auto-Haulers Release 14 1957 Dodge COE and 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona HEMI. It cost around 1500 pesos at Toys “R” Us and has a scale of 1:64. For comparison, a 1:50 Siku car carrier trailer with two cars cost around 2500 pesos. I chose this one over the Siku because it was less expensive and because I don’t have any 1:50 scale models.

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