It’s your watch

I had been planning to buy a digital watch for some time, something metal like the A158WA-1 or the A159WGEA-1EF. I really wanted to get an A159WGEA-4AEF but all I kept seeing in the stores were A159WGEA-9AEF.

But when I saw this Casio F-91W Gold, I bought it immediately. The black resin strap is quite thin, and with regular use, I expect it to last only a few years. From the back you can see that the body is made of metallic beige plastic and it seems that the front has a thin piece of gold-colored metal covering it. It seems that this model is also available with the metal colored silver.

Some time ago, Seiko had an advertising campaign that stated “You can tell more about a person by the watch they wear than anything else” and “It’s your watch that tells most about who you are.” This F-91W gold is simple and special, just like me.

Rolex speedometer and chronograph

I just discovered this speedometer and this chronograph made by Rolex. (Click on the image to see where I got it from.) Do you notice anything unusual? (Hint: The text between the 7 and the 8 on the speedometer reads “MACH 1.”) Continue reading “Rolex speedometer and chronograph”

Casio A159WGEA-4AEF and A159WGEA-9AEF

These two beauties deserve a blog post of their own. (Click on the pictures to see where I got them from.) The one on the left is what I want; it stands out quietly, saying “yes, I’m beautiful, but I’m humble about it.” (I just showed the one on the right for context.) The Casio employees who designed these should get promoted.

Casio Classic Digital Watches

f91w-1_xlarge w59-1v_xlarge
When I was in high school, I wore a simple Casio digital watch with a black resin band (most likely an F91W-1 like the one above left, but possibly a W59-1V like the one above right). It seems that Casio has created newer versions of these classics, the A158WA-1 and the A159WGEA-1EF, and this time they have stainless steel bands. (Click on the pictures to see where I got them from.)
a158w-1_xlarge 1328737470906