Maisto Volkswagen Beetles

I just bought two Maisto Volkswagen Beetles. These usually sell for around 80 pesos each, but there was a 10% discount on the day I bought them. Both are made in China and have metallic paint, black plastic windows, metal bodies, and plastic bases.

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Let’s Go

letsgo Yesterday, I did something I very rarely do: I opened a Hot Wheels package. I couldn’t control myself; Let’s Go is just begging to be ridden by a Lego minifigure. (Not to worry, I have two more unopened Let’s Go packages.) Unfortunately, the seat in my Let’s Go doesn’t fit Lego pieces tightly.

(While writing this blog post, I discovered that Let’s Go isn’t the first Hot Wheels car that can be ridden by Lego minifigures. It seems that this honor goes to Fig Rig.)
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