Preparing for an Adventure in Oz

TIEB The second program I’m entering on Classic99 is also the first in TI Extended Basic.  (The picture on the left shows the book that apparently comes with the TI Extended Basic Command Module.)

It’s called Adventure in Oz.  It’s the longest program in the book Programs for the TI Home Computer by Steve Davis.  It’s composed of four programs:  the main one has 320 multiple-statement lines, two other programs create two data files, and the last one is a TI Basic music-playing program called Rainbow.

By default, the TI-99/4A had 16 KB of RAM (also called VDP (Video Display Processor) RAM).  Adventure in Oz requires the Memory Expansion unit (32 KB of RAM, but with only 24 KB available to TI Extended Basic programs).  The main program listing and the values of the numeric variables are stored in the Memory Expansion, and the values of string variables (in the two data files) are stored in VDP RAM.


The book says that the adventure game requires TI Extended Basic, the Memory Expansion unit, and a floppy disk drive. It fails to mention that the game also requires the Speech Synthesizer module.

So far, I’ve input enough code to show the title page.  When I have more time, I’ll type in the rest of the program.  I’ll blog about it when I’ve finished.