Blue Batmobile

bluebatmYesterday I was looking through the Hot Wheels in my local mall. I spotted a few nice ones, but I didn’t buy them because I already had them. As I was leaving, a salesman approached me and asked me if I was fond of Batmobiles. When I replied that I was, he handed me this one.

Not all Batmobiles are black. The Batmobile Hot Wheels first released in 2004 has been in metalflake purple, unpainted, purple, dark blue, and dark gray. The 2014 version I just bought is in metalflake dark blue.

’71 Mustang Funny Car

mustangf I’m not particularly fond of muscle cars, but some main line Hot Wheels are so beautiful that they just have to be bought. I recently bought this 2014 ’71 Mustang Funny Car mainly because it is so heavy (it has a metal body and a metal base) but also because it has a beautiful paint scheme, detailed tampos, an opening body that lifts up (because it is a funny car), and the low price of a main line Hot Wheels.