Basílica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebú

Part of my tour of Cebu City was a visit to the Minor Basilica of the Holy Child. Much of the belfry was damaged in an October 2013 earthquake. The picture above shows the locations of the plaque, the coat of arms (on the ground), the entrance, and the arch shown in the pictures below. Continue reading “Basílica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebú”

Theory of Quantity

pmeami1 pmeami2
During the recent EARCOME 7 conference, one of the exhibitors was a group of Japanese who showed participants how to create a lot of concrete learning materials (manipulatives) such as origami sculptures. I assume that they are members of The Association of Mathematical Instruction (AMI) because they gave me a complimentary copy of AMI’s Principles of Mathematics Education. Continue reading “Theory of Quantity”

Magellan’s Cross

A tour of Cebu City (done during the EARCOME 7 conference) is not complete without a visit to Magellan’s Cross. Shown above is the outside of the chapel housing the cross.

Shown above is a plaque located above an entrance of the chapel and created by the Philippines Historical Committee in 1941. (Click on the image to see a higher-resolution version.)

At the bottom of the cross is a sign that states:

Magellan’s Cross
This Cross of Tindalo Wood
Encases the Original Cross Planted
By Ferdinand Magellan On This Very Site
April 21, 1521

There is a mural on the ceiling signed by Serry M. Josol and Jess Roa. I didn’t have time to take lots of pictures so the photomontage above is the best I could do.


I recently presented a poster and a paper at the 7th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (EARCOME 7) last May 11-15, 2015 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.

Shown above is a picture of me with Frederick K. S. Leung (who was the honorary plenary lecturer) and Catherine P. Vistro-Yu (who was the international program committee chair).

The poster and the paper were based on parts of my dissertation with Dr. Vistro-Yu as my advisor. The poster had the title “Assessing Proportional Reasoning Skills and Understanding Using the Water Rectangle Task” and was co-authored with Dr. Vistro-Yu. (A copy of the poster is here. The poster is the one on top in the photograph above.)

The paper had the title “Teaching Proportional Reasoning Concepts and Procedures Using Repetition with Variation” and was co-authored with Dr. Vistro-Yu. (A copy of the slides is here. Also shown in the photograph above is the session chair Enriqueta Reston.)

Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod

During my recent trip to Cebu City, I passed by the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod near SM Seaside City. (It seems that there is another Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod at the SM Aura Premier in Fort Bonifacio Global City.) They say that the chapel has 100 walls of different widths and heights.

cspc01 Continue reading “Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod”