Adventure in Oz

oz01 oz02
I was able to find a copy of the program I mentioned in an earlier blog post at The Old Computer.  (See the zip file Adventure in Oz.  For some reason, the actual TI Extended BASIC file is called LOAD instead of OZ.)  It was apparently typed in by someone named Suzanne Nomina, and I had to go over all the lines in the programs and correct the typographical errors in them.

oz03 oz04
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Grandbirth DX

birdsta1 A classmate gave me this toy when we were in elementary school.  I just discovered that it is a “super dimensional battle carrier” called Grandbirth. It is the headquarters of Space Sheriff Sharivan and it has two modes: Battle Mothership and the humanoid Battle Birth Formation.

birdsta7 A video of it in action is here. For some reason, it is labeled “Bird Star-S.” The bottom shows that it was made in Japan by Bandai in 1983 and that Grandbirth in Japanese is Gurando Bāsu (グランドバース). The three tiny yellow ships are a nice touch.

birdst12 birdst13 birdst11
birdsta2 birdsta3 birdsta4
birdsta5 birdsta6
birdsta8 birdsta9 birdst10

Roy Lichtenstein: Woman with Flowered Hat

Image4102013122813 femme

Roy Lichtenstein’s 1963 Woman with Flowered Hat has recently been sold by Christie’s for $56,123,750, a world auction record for Lichtenstein.  (I got the picture on the left from here.) Christie’s May 2013 Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale achieved $495 million, the highest total in auction history.  This painting was Lot 34 of Sale 2785, and was estimated to sell for around $30 million.

From the Lot Notes:

He had taken images and objects from popular culture and smuggled them into the realms of High Art. With the present work he began to reverse the process by converting the hallowed canon of art into “five-and-dime-store” pictures.

According to this blog (from which I got an image which I edited to get the picture on the right), Lichtenstein based his painting on Pablo Picasso’s 1939-1940 Femme au chapeau fleuri.


crazy1 crazy2
crazy3If you grew up in the 1980’s, you would be familiar with the humor magazine Mad. It’s possible that you were also familiar with Cracked, but I had never heard of Crazy until I got the issue shown here (some time during the mid-1980’s).  (Click on each picture above to see more detail.  Of particular interest is the fine print on the bottom of page 3.)

No. 94 was the last issue of the magazine.  It was published in April 1983 (see the fine print); the 1982 year on the masthead is a typo.  The column on the right (by the magazine’s mascot Obnoxio The Clown) hints at the reasons for the end of the magazine’s run. Some history is provided by the special announcement below.

Of all the imitators of Mad, Cracked was the last one to cease print publication (in 2007). As of this writing, Mad is still publishing in print.


Red Bird

redbird I recently went with my daughter to the mall toy store I regularly visit. As I was looking at the Hot Wheels, she asked me what kind of cars I was looking for. I told her I was looking for those that looked weird. “Like this?” she said, as she showed me the car on the left.

Note that, unlike the Angry Birds Minion that I have, this one has the Angry Birds logo on the upper left.


upou1 One of the benefits of getting a doctoral degree at the University of the Philippines Open University is that you get to own and wear a sablay hood. While the ordinary sablay is a sash, the sablay hood is a sablay sewn together into a hood with a medallion.  (The picture on the left shows me wearing both a sablay and a sablay hood as well as a Chancellor’s List medal.) Although the sablay hood is the academic dress for doctoral degree holders in UPOU, I’m not sure if the other constituent universities in the University of the Philippines system also use it.

Tiny Tonka Rescue Van

One of my toys when I was a child was the orange Tonka van shown here. It seems to be a Tiny Tonka no. 999 Rescue Van released from 1975 to 1977. (See, for example, this or this.)

tonka4 I don’t remember it having stickers on the sides, but perhaps they were removed. It’s extremely strong. I remember playing very roughly with it and the only crack in the plastic windows is a 1-cm long crack at the bottom corner of the passenger’s side of the windshield. The only writing on it is the word “Tonka” at the bottom and on the tires.

Philippine basketball trading cards

codiner1 codiner2
Some time in 1988, I got the basketball card shown above (featuring Jerry Codiñera) free with a pack of frozen Purefoods hotdogs.  Now, 25 years later, I get the basketball card shown below (featuring Marc Pingris) free with a pack of San Mig Coffee.  I personally prefer the format of the earlier card, which includes more information about the player.

pingris1 pingris2