Matchbox mix

Here are some Matchbox scale models I’ve bought over the past few years.

This ATV 6×6 is from 2011 and is the first release. I must have thought it was pretty cute, but now I don’t really like it that much. It will be among the first to go if ever my wife and I decide to let some models go.

This Ice Cream Van is from 2011 and looks really nice. A child playing with it could think up a lot of stories with it.

I don’t like the color scheme of this Blockade Buster from 2017; the black details (on the light gray body) are too loud for a military vehicle.

This NASA S.E.V./Chariot is from 2018 and is the first release. I think it looks really funny because it looks like a truck with an upside-down cab.

This ’09 International eStar is also from 2018 and is also the first release. Although its Matchbox Cars Wiki entry says its color is white, it’s actually a very beautiful metallic white. I love the large Matchbox logo on its side. This would be a very worthy representative for Matchbox models.

New models, old cars

I consider the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz to be one of the most beautiful cars of all time. I also love the 1963 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance/Hearse. I don’t have the Matchbox hearse, but I do have two of the ambulances.

The first one is from the 2012 Beach series.

The second one is from 2016.

According to the Matchbox Cars Wiki, the models from 2013 and before had a metal roof (the base has the text “MB780”) while the models from 2015 to 2016 had a roof window (the base has the text “MB994”). I suspect the change was made to reduce costs (by reducing the amount of metal), but I have no complaints. I like the version with the roof window better because it adds play value by giving a better view of the car’s interior.

The next two Matchboxes are so beautiful, I had to buy them even if they are not the type of cars I usually collect.

The Matchbox ’59 Chevy Wagon first came out in 2017, but this one is from 2018.

The Matchbox ’51 Hudson Hornet also first came out in 2017, and this one is also from 2018.

I love their colors, especially the dark cerulean of the Chevy wagon.

Too many Treasure Hunts

I’m dedicating this blog post to the two readers of this blog (Jim Holroyd and Marc Bosworth).

I’ve been ridiculously busy at work for the past six months and I had to stop blogging for a while. But I haven’t stopped purchasing scale models. In fact, because I haven’t blogged about some of my purchases, I forgot that I already had some of them and this led to a lot of duplicates.

For this post, I’m showing all the Treasure Hunts I’ve purchased since my last blog post. This Crate Racer is from the 2018 series.

I unintentionally bought two copies of this Rockster.

I also unintentionally bought two copies of this Hollowback.

The circle-flame logo for this Kool Kombi is on its roof.

This Ratical Racer also has its circle-flame logo on its roof.

I saw a copy of this Bump Around but I didn’t buy it because its card was damaged. It’s a good thing I didn’t because I had already bought one before.

Unlike the six Treasure Hunts above (which are all from the 2018 series), this Bazoomka is from the 2019 series.

In my previous blog posts I used an old digital camera to take pictures of my scale models. It was hard to focus on very near objects and it blurred pictures very badly when it wasn’t steady. But starting now I’m using my wife’s smart phone to take pictures of scale models. I think the improvement in quality is easily seen.