More Batmobiles

bataabma batlivbl
At the store where I usually buy Hot Wheels they have a stand for them with a hidden storage space at the base. This is where the store employees hide the good stuff for “collectors.” I and my daughter recently found a few Batmobiles hidden there. I got these two at a 10% discount. This Batman Arkham Asylum Batmobile is in matte black and this Batman Live Batmobile is in metalflake dark blue. I already have Batman Arkham Asylum Batmoblies from 2011 and from 2013 (both in black), and Batman Live Batmobiles in satin black and in black.

The Simpsons Family Car

familyc1 familyc2
I just recently purchased a Hot Wheels The Simpsons Family Car at a 10% discount. It’s really nice and simple, although the chrome plastic bottom has a cheap look. A quick internet search reveals at least two versions of the card. Mine has no label for the vehicle on the front and on the back of the card; the other version has the label “The Simpsons Family Car.”


seoul88 Another theme I’m thinking of collecting (aside from stamps on stamps, or more precisely, Philippine stamps about Philippine stamps) is imperforates. I already blogged about a few of my imperforate souvenir sheets. Shown above are two more which I recently purchased at the Naga City post office for 22 pesos each.

The ones shown on the left were purchased in 1988 from a Burger Machine outlet near my friend Patrick’s house. We used to buy new stamps there when we started collecting. I think these were the first imperforates I had ever seen in person.

All three sets of stamps have perforated versions, but I don’t know which versions had higher production numbers.

Philatelic Week 1988

I was preparing to write a blog post on imperforate stamps when I stumbled upon a site where I learned that an error version of the stamps in the first day cover shown above existed. I was surprised to discover that I had a copy of the error. Can you spot the error below?

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