Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile (2016)

bakbatm I recently bought the second mainline Hot Wheels version of the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile. (I blogged about the first mainline version here.) The 2015 version is in matte black; the 2016 version is in metallic dark gray.

I found it in the hidden compartment at the bottom of a display stand, where most Batmobiles here can be found. Perhaps I should call this hidden compartment the Bat Cave.


2016 Bullet Proof

bp2016 There are currently five versions of the Hot Wheels Bullet Proof model and I currently have four of them: two from 2013, one from 2014, and this one from 2016. (I’m currently missing the clear black and gray version from 2015.) The earlier versions used co-injection molding while this 2016 version does not. According to the Hot Wheels Wiki at Wikia:

The Bullet Proof is co-molded. The body is formed by ejecting two colors of plastic in the mold. Due to cost cutting, Bullet Proof lost its co-molding in 2016.

This might explain why the base of the 2016 version no longer has the mysterious logo present on the earlier versions.


2013 Fire Eater Treasure Hunt

th201312 My daughter found this 2013 Fire Eater Treasure Hunt packaged with a Hot Wheels Collectors Booklet (which I first blogged about here). Its price of 180 pesos had been changed to 120 pesos. The flame tampos are nice, and so is the pearl white metallic paint. This is the second time this model was chosen to be a Treasure Hunt. (The first time was in 2009.)