La Fasta

lafasta Last Thursday, I passed by the toy store where I usually get Hot Wheels. It had been more than a week since I last passed by; there were some new models but I wasn’t that interested in them. One of the last items I looked at was this La Fasta. As you can see below, it is a regular Treasure Hunt.
As I was about to leave the shop, I saw a few Hot Wheels enclosed in plastic bags together with a “collector’s booklet.” The price (around 180 pesos) was almost twice the price of a mainline Hot Wheels (around 100 pesos).

I don’t think the booklet was worth 80 pesos, but I still looked at the bags because I had not seen some of the models before. The one on the left below had a metal base and seemed to have a metal body too because it was quite heavy. I bought it because I had never seen it before and because a mainline metal/metal is always a good buy.

hwcb1 hwcb2
The one on the right above had a symbol that looked like a “T” over an “H.” I had never seen this symbol before (usually a Super Treasure Hunt would have the letters written separately as “TH”). I bought it because there was a small chance it was indeed a Super Treasure Hunt. I’ll continue the story in a future blog post.

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