2013 Fire Eater Treasure Hunt

th201312 My daughter found this 2013 Fire Eater Treasure Hunt packaged with a Hot Wheels Collectors Booklet (which I first blogged about here). Its price of 180 pesos had been changed to 120 pesos. The flame tampos are nice, and so is the pearl white metallic paint. This is the second time this model was chosen to be a Treasure Hunt. (The first time was in 2009.)

Fire Engines

oldno55 5alarm
backdraf My wife and I don’t collect fire engines but we’ve bought a few of the weirder looking ones. Shown above left is an Old Number 5.5 from 2007 (not to be confused with the Old Number 5), and shown above right is a 5 Alarm from 2009. The one shown on the left is a recent acquisition: a Backdrafter from 2015. All three are either first or second releases. We also have a 2009 Fire-Eater Treasure Hunt. (Note that the 5 Alarm shown here has a circle flame logo on its side, but it is not a Treasure Hunt.)
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Dreams vs. Reality

hw2014f hw2014b
This morning I dreamt that I was in a mall. I went to the toy section while my wife and daughter went elsewhere. There were a lot of really nice scale models: a black 1957 Chevrolet version of a Batmobile, a matte olive A-Team van, and so on. There were so many that I had to look for a store basket to carry them all. It was a nice dream.
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