World Order

I recently learned about World Order from the YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014 video. (The picture above is a slightly modified version of a picture taken from this website. It seems to be part of the cover art of their “2012” album.) From their website:

World Order — a group creating an unique genre of performing arts through its original musical and physical expression

Their Wikipedia page currently doesn’t say much. Visit their YouTube page to see their videos.

The B-52’s 1989 press photo

The first B-52’s album that I bought was a Cosmic Thing cassette. I sent a letter to a fan club whose postal address was listed in the cassette sleeve, and I got an issue of a fan club newsletter as well as the photo shown above.

The signatures are printed on the photo (not handwritten) and the photo’s size is 4 inches by 5.25 inches. I can’t seem to find this picture on the internet, but the closest photo I could find is one without the signatures. The photo seems to be part of six photos included in a Cosmic Thing press kit released on June 27, 1989. The photograph is by Janette Beckman and has a 1989 copyright belonging to Reprise Records. Note that the fifth member of the band, Ricky Wilson, passed away in 1985.

The B-52’s: Queen of Las Vegas

(Originally posted at on October 1, 2011 10:35 AM)

I was looking through youtube a few weeks ago and came across this, a version of The B-52’s song Queen of Las Vegas that I had never heard before.  It’s currently one of my favorites.  While some of the lyrics are the same, the melody is quite different.  What really struck me is that this version, unlike the version that I am familiar with, doesn’t have the words “queen” or “Las Vegas” in the lyrics.

It turns out that this version is called the Queen of Las Vegas Mesopotamia Outtake Version, and was first released in the Nude on the Moon: The B-52’s Anthology album released in 2002 by the label Rhino.

The B-52’s: Lava

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Examples of alliteration can be found in some songs of the B-52’s.  The song “Topaz” has the line “Yes, I see cities by the sea.”  The song “Cake” has the line “If you want a better batter better beat it harder.”  From the song “Lava” comes the line “I gotta lotta lava love locked up inside me.”

Speaking of Lava, if you’re a diehard B-52’s fan like I am, you have to watch this video, which is supposedly from 1978.  (The abovementioned line is from 2:30 to 2:36.)  The melody is a little different from the album version’s and the performance is quite haunting.  (If you’ve never heard this song before, then watch this video, which is supposedly from 1982, for the more usual version of the song.)


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A few days ago, I bought David Quantick’s Beck (Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2000) at a BOOKSALE for 45 pesos.  It is “an insightful biography, a comprehensive discography, and an evaluation of Beck’s position among the greats of rock music.”  It gave me some information I previously didn’t know, for example, that Beck was born Bek David Campbell (yes, without a “c”; he became Beck Hansen when his parents divorced) (p. 1) and that ‘Deadweight’ (one of my favorite Beck songs) was specially written for the movie A Life Less Ordinary (p. 89).

I first learned about Beck through his song ‘Loser’ when it first came out.  My sister bought his album Mellow Gold, but didn’t like it that much.  I saw the music video of ‘Where It’s At’ and decided to buy his album Odelay.  It was one of the best albums I had ever heard (even better than Edie Brickell & New Bohemians’ Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars and as good as the B-52’s Cosmic Thing).  It seems that I’m not the only one with this opinion.  Quantick writes “Critically, Odelay was liked by everybody in the world,” (p. 65) “There is not a bad track on Odelay,” and “Odelay is one of those albums where everything sounds like a great single, and several tracks in fact are great singles” (p. 66).

After Mutations and Midnite Vultures, I somewhat lost interest.  I bought Sea Change but didn’t even listen to it.

I’m currently in the process of letting go of most of my personal belongings and I’m looking for a good home for my Beck CD’s.  I have nine of them—the five mentioned above and the four shown below.  Contact me if you’re interested.