Military vehicles

As a child, I had a few scale model military vehicles: a Matchbox #K108 M3A1 Half Track APC, a Matchbox #32e Field Gun, a Matchbox #30e Swamp Rat, and an unidentified tank. I don’t have them any more.

A few years ago, I bought a Tomica #114 JSDF light armoured vehicle and was amazed by its quality. (It’s shown on the right in the pictures here.) I was recently able to buy a Siku #0870 Tank (shown in the middle) and a Siku #0871 Armoured Reconnaissance Tank (shown on the left).

I find it ironic that Tomica is a Japanese brand, Siku is a German brand, and these scale models are all made in China.

The picture below should give an idea of the amazing detail on these models. I’ll be blogging about each of them in the future.


Wastong pananalapi tungo sa kaunlaran

bsp20 I just got a 100-peso commemorative note that has the current logo of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas inside the zero of a large number 20, the text “1993-2013,” and the text “wastong pananalapi tungo sa kaunlaran.” For some reason, the Wikipedia entry on this note (at the time of this writing) describes it as “Financially Proper Toward the Development.” Google Translate currently gives “progress towards proper financial.” I would translate the phrase as “proper finance towards progress” or “proper finance towards development.”

Mixed bag


My wife and I just bought some Hot Wheels at a 10% discount. The Batcopter and the Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile are additions to our Batmobile collection. (The Batcopter was bought some time ago, and this Arkham Asylum Batmobile is a 2013 variant of the 2011 first release.)


The Hot Wheels High is an addition to our school bus collection. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 shown here is a “battle-damaged” variant.


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