Leyte Gulf landing 70th anniversary


Yesterday I got this coin in my change. Its a 2014 Philippine commemorative 5-peso coin celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landing. According to this website, the obverse of the coin (shown on the left) has its upper background filled with the repeated text “LEYTE GULF LANDING 70 YEARS” and the reverse (shown on the right) has its lower background filled with the repeated text “REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS.” (Click on the images to see higher resolution versions of them.)

’77 Pontiac Firebird

When I was a child, my favorite scale model was a Hot Wheels Pontiac Firebird (most likely the Hot Bird). (I blogged about it here.) I have always wanted to buy another one, but it seems that the last mainline Hot Bird was made in 1989, and all the ’77 Pontiac Firebirds that I saw for sale were very expensive. I’m glad to say that today I was able to buy the first mainline Hot Wheels ’77 Pontiac Firebird T/A (and at a 10% discount, too).

For some reason, the base of the car is labeled “77 Pontiac Firebird T/A” but the card is labeled “’77 Pontiac Firebird.” The copyright date on the bottom is 2015, but this model seems to have been first made in 2008. A small Hot Wheels logo is on the door, a Firebird emblem is on the C-pillar, and the words “TRANS AM” are on the side behind the front wheel, and on the hood near the front. Although I prefer this model in black and gold, this “micro apple red” one is also pretty nice. It doesn’t look exactly like the real Pontiac Firebird that I earlier blogged about. (It has a rear spoiler, a T-top and a different image on the hood.)

1977 seems to have been a good year for cars. (One of my other favorite cars is the 1977 Lotus Esprit S1.)

Gift from MathOverflow

Last June 17, 2014, it was announced on MathOverflow Meta that “established users” that “have actually made (and will hopefully continue to make) valuable contributions to this site” would be given gifts if they ask for them. I filled up the form and waited, but I wasn’t sure if they would give the gifts to someone outside the U.S.A.

The goods arrived yesterday. I got a mug, an XL-size T-shirt, and three stickers in a box that was a little too big for the goods. The commercial invoice states that it was sent last October 21, 2015. I was very surprised that it took only around 7 days to reach me. (Most packages sent to me from the U.S.A. take a few weeks to a few months to reach me.) The invoice states that the mug has a value of US$ 5, the T-shirt is worth US$ 3, and each sticker is worth US$ 0.25. Thanks, MathOverflow!