Fire Engines

oldno55 5alarm
backdraf My wife and I don’t collect fire engines but we’ve bought a few of the weirder looking ones. Shown above left is an Old Number 5.5 from 2007 (not to be confused with the Old Number 5), and shown above right is a 5 Alarm from 2009. The one shown on the left is a recent acquisition: a Backdrafter from 2015. All three are either first or second releases. We also have a 2009 Fire-Eater Treasure Hunt. (Note that the 5 Alarm shown here has a circle flame logo on its side, but it is not a Treasure Hunt.)

We also have a Tomica No. 68 Isuzu Fire Engine that was part of the 40th Anniversary Tomica Lottery-13 Showa Period Tomica series of 2010.

The series had ten different vehicles, all enclosed in the same sealed box, so there was no indication which model you would get until you opened the box. Each vehicle cost around 230 pesos.

ife7 ife6
Most of the boxes I found were mangled by people trying to guess the contents by determining the shape and size. I just chose the box that was heaviest, hoping for a Mitsubishi Fuso Bus, a Nissan Diesel Tipper Truck, or this fire truck.

The matte sepia color is really nice. The body and the base are metal. All four wheels have “suspension.”

ife4 ife5


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