ALEMAR’S reprint FG 101 (Flash Gordon)

FG101ofc FG101obc
I’m selling a reprint created by the ALEMAR’s Mass Market Books Division possibly in 1979. The cover identifies the comic book as “FG 101.” The reprint has 20 pages and reproduces the first two stories of Flash Gordon #1 published by King Comics in September 1966. Note that the cover of the actual Flash Gordon #1 describes a scene from its second Flash Gordon story. It seems that because this story is not included in the reprint, ALEMAR’S has chosen a cover that reproduces a panel from the first story (the first panel on page 11).

FG101ifc FG101ibc
Page 20, the inner front cover, the inner back cover, and the outer back cover show advertisements for products created by ALEMAR’S.

FG101p01 FG101p16
Although the actual Flash Gordon #1 was published in 1966, the indicia on the first page of the reprint has the copyright year changed to 1979, which leads me to suspect that the reprint was published in 1979.

More information about Flash Gordon #1 can be found in two blog posts written by Ray Cuthbert in 2002, and a blog post written by Brian Cronin in 2011.


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