ALEMAR’S reprint PE 103 (Popeye)

pe103of pe103ob
I’m selling a reprint created by the ALEMAR’s Mass Market Books Division. It seems that it cost 1.95 pesos when it was first bought. (“1.95” is written in pencil on the upper right corner of the front cover.) The cover identifies the comic book as “PE 103.” The reprint has 20 pages and reproduces the 16-page story “Spinach Farm!” by Bud Sagendorf from Popeye #22 (published in 1952 by Dell Publishing). Note that the cover of the actual Popeye #22 describes a scene from a different Popeye story. It seems that because this story is not included in the reprint, ALEMAR’S has chosen a cover that reproduces a panel from the “Spinach Farm!” story (the fourth panel on page 11).

pe103p01 pe103p20
Page 20, the inner front cover, the inner back cover, and the outer back cover show advertisements for products created by ALEMAR’S.

pe103if pe103ib
Note that the advertisement for “The Bible for Children” does not state the price of the book, making it difficult for buyers to fill up the coupon.

pe103p17 I had some difficulty getting information about the 3-page “Boner’s Ark” story (labeled C-914) by Mort Walker that starts on page 17 of the reprint. It is not in Popeye #22. The original art for this story was sold as lot 468 in an auction held by the Little Nemo Auction House on December 7 to 19, 2013.

I suspect that this reprint was published around the same time as ALEMAR’S reprint FG 101 (possibly 1979).

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