Marvel Super Special #16

I’m selling a comic book reprint whose cover is very similar to that of Marvel Special Edition #2 (with the cover price removed) but whose contents are from Marvel Super Special #16 (according to the indicia on page 1). It is a complete comic book adaptation of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, reprinting Marvel Star Wars #39 to #44.

The back cover is shown above and the inner front cover is shown below.

The relatively low price in pencil on the first page (4.95 pesos, apparently) leads me to believe that this is a Philippine reprint. (Click on a picture to see a higher-resolution image.) I suspect it was published in 1980 or perhaps 1981.

This reprint is large—around 10 inches by 13.5 inches in size. (The original comic book’s size is 10 inches by 14 inches, what is known as treasury size or tabloid size.) It has 96 pages: page 1 lists the credits; pages 2 and 3 are full-page drawings of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, respectively; page 35 has a black and white advertisement for a Marvel comic book (Bizarre Adventures #2); the inner back cover has a black and white advertisement for Marvel comics; and the rest of the pages are story pages.

Shown above is page 32, showing the scene in the movie that I most remember.


6 thoughts on “Marvel Super Special #16”

      1. Dear Joel Reyes, do you sell any other Philippine reprint, Star Wars comics? Thanks so much for your time. Best regards

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