The Extremist #1 (platinum edition)

In the early 1990’s, when comic book collecting became extremely popular, publishers would sometimes create special versions of certain issues as collector’s editions. Sometimes these had special colors, like gold or silver. Vertigo had what they called platinum editions.
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The Sandman #50 (autographed)

I’m selling an autographed copy of The Sandman #50. This 52-page comic book was published in June 1993 by Vertigo, a DC Comics imprint. This autographed copy of the regular printing was organized by Limited Treasured Editions. Writer Neil Gaiman’s signature is in silver marker over the main logo on the front cover. Included is a print of a sketch of Gaiman by artist P. Craig Russell. The comic book and the print, together with a backing board, are inside a plastic bag sealed with a tamper-proof sticker. My copy is number 1900 of 5000. Although I’ve kept the package in a mylar sleeve, there is now some foxing on the print.


Tom Taggart

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In 1993, I wrote a letter to the letter column of Doom Patrol, an edited version of which was published in issue no. 74 (Jan. 1994).  Here’s part of the letter:

The cover of DP #70 is one of the best I’ve seen (for DP).  It made me laugh out loud.  I really was hoping for some covers by “new regular cover painter” Brian Bolland, but as long as Tom Taggart makes covers like this, keep him.

I was later very pleasantly surprised when I received a package from Tom Taggart containing an autographed copy of the issue with the cover I praised.  I wrote him back to thank him, but I don’t know if he received my note.