French fries for free

After I wrote a blog post on my Fast Food collection, I commented “All I need now are some french fries…” Well, I now have the french fries, and they’re so big that they need an Isuzu Giga semi-trailer truck to be moved around. Continue reading “French fries for free”

Fire Engines

oldno55 5alarm
backdraf My wife and I don’t collect fire engines but we’ve bought a few of the weirder looking ones. Shown above left is an Old Number 5.5 from 2007 (not to be confused with the Old Number 5), and shown above right is a 5 Alarm from 2009. The one shown on the left is a recent acquisition: a Backdrafter from 2015. All three are either first or second releases. We also have a 2009 Fire-Eater Treasure Hunt. (Note that the 5 Alarm shown here has a circle flame logo on its side, but it is not a Treasure Hunt.)
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Jamboree Cruiser: Monsters University

Ever since I saw Tomica’s Jamboree Cruiser in a catalog, I’ve always wanted to buy one. This afternoon, I found a Monsters University version of it together with other Disney Motors models. I like it because it looks like a Philippine jeepney.

jcmu4 Continue reading “Jamboree Cruiser: Monsters University”

TV shows and movies I haven’t watched

I have some scale models of vehicles found in some TV shows or movies that I haven’t watched. Shown above is The Mach 5 from the Speed Racer anime series. It was made by Tomica in 2008 (most likely to coincide with the movie, which I also have not watched).

I just bought a Hot Wheels Herbie from the movie The Love Bug (and its sequels) which I haven’t seen. (Okay, so I have seen the 2005 Herbie: Fully Loaded). Another recent purchase is a Hot Wheels Capsule Car from the animated series The Jetsons.

When I first saw the Hot Wheels Max Steel vehicles (motorcycle and turbo racer), I had never heard of the action figures or the animated series. I’m not really interested in the vehicles, but I still bought them on the chance that they might become popular some day.