ALEMAR’S reprint PE 101 (Popeye)

PE101f PE101b
I’m selling another reprint published by the ALEMAR’s Mass Market Books Division most likely in 1979 or a few years later. The front cover is taken from Popeye #21 (published in 1952 by Dell Publishing). It has 20 pages, 16 of which are for “Interplanetary Battle,” a story from Popeye #21. The inner front cover, the inner back cover, and two of the pages have ALEMAR’S advertisements. The other two pages have one-page short stories—“Loser Take All…” and “Honey and Vinegar.” Both have a footer indicating a 1979 copyright held by Dell Publishing Co., Inc. (Click on the images to see higher-resolution versions of them.)

pe101s1 pe101s2
This one is in worse condition than my other Popeye; aside from amateur tape repair, there are some instances of writing in ink.

ALEMAR’S reprint PE 103 (Popeye)

pe103of pe103ob
I’m selling a reprint created by the ALEMAR’s Mass Market Books Division. It seems that it cost 1.95 pesos when it was first bought. (“1.95” is written in pencil on the upper right corner of the front cover.) The cover identifies the comic book as “PE 103.” The reprint has 20 pages and reproduces the 16-page story “Spinach Farm!” by Bud Sagendorf from Popeye #22 (published in 1952 by Dell Publishing). Note that the cover of the actual Popeye #22 describes a scene from a different Popeye story. It seems that because this story is not included in the reprint, ALEMAR’S has chosen a cover that reproduces a panel from the “Spinach Farm!” story (the fourth panel on page 11).
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