Francisco V. Coching

A book entitled Komiks: Katha at Guhit ni Francisco V. Coching was given to me last Christmas by my friend Allan Sioson, who got the book from Koko Coching’s family. Continue reading “Francisco V. Coching”


Pope John Paul II

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I’m selling a Pope John Paul II comic book (Tagalog version) published by Gospel Komiks. Gospel Komiks usually published comic books in English and in Tagalog versions, so there is most likely an English version of this issue. Continue reading “Pope John Paul II”

Tony DeZuniga

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According to Wikipedia, Tony DeZuniga “was the first Filipino comic book artist whose work was accepted by American publishers, paving the way for many other Filipino artists to do break into the international comic book industry.”  He passed away yesterday.

Last year my sister bought a print (shown on the left) by DeZuniga (the initials “adz” are on the lower right) and gave it to me as a gift.  The print is signed (but not numbered) and the paper size is 13 inches by 19 inches.  (I made some minor edits to the edges of the picture.)

The print is apparently a pinup (on page 57) from Savage Sword of Conan #59.  (The picture on the right was taken from here.)

Komiks (Blg. 3)

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For those who want to know more about Komiks and the Komiks industry, I strongly recommend that you get a copy of Pinoy Komiks Rebyu. (I got a few issues last August 30, 2010.)  The magazine has many articles, including a brief history of Pinoy komiks, a review of a 1980 magazine (The Philippine Comics Review), interviews with artists, writers, and editors, and articles on censorship and on komiks as a political instrument.  But what really caught my interest was the article entitled “Mga Dahilan ng Pagbagsak ng Komiks” (Reasons for the Downfall of Komiks).

The issue has 68 pages (including the cover).  (It seems that all Pinoy komiks include the cover in the page count.)  The cover is glossy (colored on the outside, black-and-white on the inside), while the pages are black-and-white newsprint paper.  This is a real pity as I would love to see the illustrations and pictures in color.