The Error World

Some time ago, I bought The Error World by Simon Garfield (Faber and Faber, 2008) at a BOOKSALE outlet and I guess it is the reason that I’ve been into stamps lately. (Click on the pictures to see higher resolution versions of them.)

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Philatelic Week 1988

I was preparing to write a blog post on imperforate stamps when I stumbled upon a site where I learned that an error version of the stamps in the first day cover shown above existed. I was surprised to discover that I had a copy of the error. Can you spot the error below?

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Design error?

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usezip 19381988_001

I collected stamps when I was a child and as a result I have a lot of mint Philippine stamps from the late 1980s.  These include blocks, imperforates, and souvenir sheets.

Of special interest is the pair of stamps shown above.  It seems that they have Scott number 1919 and were issued on February 25, 1988.  But the one at the bottom seems to be a design error as it has the incorrect date 1938.

Note that the stamp at the bottom has slightly different colors, messier perforations, and blurrier printing.  If you have any information about this stamp, please leave a comment.  Thanks.