Bat vehicles

A new mall, Robinsons Place Naga, recently opened and I was able to buy a few scale models from a Toys “R” Us store there. This Batmobile (Batman v Superman) is in metalflake gray. (The one I got earlier is in black.) This The Bat is in dark blue. (This is apparently the second one I have. For some reason, I had not blogged about the first one.)



200Yesterday I passed by the mall where I usually get my Hot Wheels. A saleslady saw me and asked if I was a “collector.” After I replied that I was, she handed me a Mars Rover Curiosity and a Bat-Pod. I already had a 2014 Mars Rover Curiosity but the one I had had black wheels, while this new one had “dirty” black/brown wheels. I found another Mars Rover Curiosity with dirty wheels and, suspecting that they may be hard to find, bought them both. Before I bought these three, my wife and I had 197 main line mint on card Hot Wheels. We’ve decided that the Bat-Pod is our 200th.