Drawings at 2 1/2

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Here are some drawings made by my daughter when she was around 2 1/2 years old. The one on the left shows three dogs; the other two drawings are of turtles. (Click on a drawing to see more detail.)


Roy Lichtenstein

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Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favorite pop artists.  I have two books that contain his work.

I bought Lichtenstein: Drawings & Prints (Wellfleet Books, 1988) at a National Book Store in the early 1990’s (I think).  While other art books cost more than a thousand pesos, I was elated to purchase this book for around 300 pesos (if I remember correctly).

The other book was given to me by my friend, Eduardo, much later.  Roy Lichtenstein’s ABC (Bullfinch Press, 1999) is a “mini-retrospective” for “art lovers, letter lovers, and those just cutting their teeth on the alphabet.”

The studies (Study for Nurse, 1964; Study for Frightened Girl, 1964) are from the Drawings & Prints book, while the paintings (Nurse, 1964; Frightened Girl, 1964) are from the ABC book.