Official cash tickets

A few months ago, I found these four 5-peso “Official Cash Tickets” on a street in Naga City (in Camarines Sur). It was the first time I knew of their existence. I did not know what they were for. But after looking at a few websites (such as “Philatelic Philippines“), it seems to me that these are receipts issued by an Office of the Provincial Treasurer for small amounts such as those involving permits for street vendors and the use of public bathrooms. (The National Printing Office website states that “Cash Ticket Php 1.00” (“2.00,” “5.00,” “10.00”) is Accountable Form Number 55-C (55-D, 55-E, 55-F).)

The backs of the tickets are stamped with the words “LUIS [B.?] DE LA [CRUZ?]” and “NAGA MEPO.” It seems that “NAGA MEPO” stands for “City Government of Naga City Market Enterprise and Promotions Office.” There is also some handwriting on the back. Given that the front of the ticket states that it is “not valid unless stamped on back with name of municipality and date,” my guess is that the written text is “Jan 29.”

3 thoughts on “Official cash tickets”

  1. Are these still technically considered as “stamps”? Hmm… I haven’t thought of adding one to my collection if they are so.

    Also, took a dive into some of your stamp collections. Cool. I haven’t had the privilege of buying stamp sheets. My collection is composed mostly of stamps from mail, and two old albums I got from my grandmother. which was also her collection. Man.. I haven’t even thought about my collection in a long while…

    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I would not consider these (postage) stamps. Nevertheless, many stamp collectors like to collect things that look like stamps (such as revenue stamps and duck stamps). Some people would categorize these official cash tickets as a form of ephemera, and some people collect these things. I’m glad you like my blog posts about stamps. Every town or city has a post office; some of these can be found in shopping malls. I suggest you visit the one nearest you to see if they are selling stamps in sheets.

      1. I’m very close to a post office. Though, when I was still collecting stamps, I was a kid with no budget! Hahaha…

        Thanks for the info.

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