Tomica Limited Color

I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels for a while and I’m familiar with their variations: models that are essentially the same except for some details like color, wheel type, or card. A few years ago, I was surprised to see Tomica scale models start having their own variations: one version would be a “regular color” version, and another would be a “limited color” version. The Japanese text that I’ve seen for the latter is 初回特別カラー (roughly translated by Google Translate as “initial special color”) and 初回特別仕様 (“initial special specification”). Shown below are a few pairs of models in “regular color” and in “limited color.”

The JSDF High Mobility Vehicle (No. 96) “regular color” version (TKT10257) has a covered top, while its “limited color” version (TKT10258) has the top removed and shows some seated soldiers.

I bought them for around 250 pesos each.

You can see the code number in the box with the ST logo.

The Honda CBR1000RR (No. 36) “regular color” version (TKT10239) and “limited color” version (TKT10242) both include removable plastic drivers. In the pictures shown at the links I’ve included above, the drivers are made of white plastic, but at the store where I bought these, the drivers are made of transparent plastic. Note that I have not opened the plastic covers of all the models here. I guess I’ll never find out which type of drivers I got.

They cost around 250 pesos each.

A Ford Focus RS500 “regular color” model and a Ford Focus RS “limited color” model (both No. 50) are shown below. While the four models above are recent purchases, the two below were bought a few years ago (hence the lower price of around 200 pesos each).

I don’t have much interest in the Ford Focus, and if I saw these two models today, I wouldn’t buy them.  I guess I bought these because at that time it was the first time I saw Tomica variations and I had no idea if these were rare or not.

I once asked a salesperson what the sticker saying “FREEWHEEL” was about. It seems that it was placed there to indicate that the model did not have a pullback motor.

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