’71 Pontiac Firebird Formula

I bought a Matchbox ’71 Pontiac Firebird Formula a few weeks ago, then promptly forgot I had it. So when I saw another one in a different store last week, I bought it, thinking that I didn’t have one yet. I’ll probably open one of the two in the future, to be placed on my Majorette Transporter. The base of the model indicates that its scale is 1:65. (I am quite annoyed by this. With not much effort, they could have created the model using the more standard scale of 1:64.) The Wikia page states that its body color is “Orange,” but the paint is actually metalflake orange.


6 thoughts on “’71 Pontiac Firebird Formula”

  1. A nice model, I have one in blue. I wouldn’t worry too much about it being 1:65 (agonisingly close to 1:64) , very few Matchbox are actually 1:64. Looking in the 1969 Matchbox catalogue of the 75 models only the Fiat 1500, SnowTrac Tractor and Field Car are actually 1:64 scale. If you let one loose you can put it next to a Hot Wheels Pontiac to see if there is any difference in size. Matchbox and Hot Wheels need to fit in the boxes or blisters…so scale varies… Hot Wheels USS Enterprise is certainly nowhere near 1:64 scale. One of the more expensive American brands does an actual 1:64 scale (I can’t remember if it is Greenlight or M2), Race Grooves was complaining the Ford GT looks so small in authentic 1:64 scale…in Hot Wheels and Matchbox it is more like 1:55.

    1. I don’t mind a 1:55 Hot Wheels or Matchbox, but a 1:65 really is ridiculous. Reminds me of a really beautiful Caterpillar tractor model that I didn’t buy because it was a 1:63 scale model.

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