Translating Filipino to Filipino?

This semester, I am teaching an undergraduate class in Filipino. (The course is called “Matematika sa Makabagong Daigdig” or “Mathematics in the Modern World.”) I was trying to say “When was the concept of zero invented and accepted as denoting a number?” in Filipino and I came up with “Kailan inimbento at tinanggap na nagtutukoy ng isang numero ang konsepto ng sero?” I entered it in Google Translate to see how it would translate it. But instead of translating Filipino to English, it seems that it was set up to translate English to Filipino. I was surprised with the sentence that Google Translate came up with (“Anu-ano ang mga halimbawa ng mga tula tungkol sa wika?” means “What are the examples of poems about language?”).

I made a small change to my sentence (using “naimbento instead of “inimbento“) and Google Translate came up with “Sinu-sino ang mga pilipinong nagtaguyod ng pangatnig?” which I would translate as “Who are the Filipinos who established conjunctions?” However, it seems that Google Translate has a different translation.


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