The weird models that I mentioned in an earlier blog post were tuk-tuks. I’ve never seen scale models of these before, and the fact that these were priced a little high (around 180 pesos; an ordinary Majorette costs around 110 pesos) implies that there were probably a lower number of them produced (because their quality seems to be similar to that of ordinary models).

The quality is pretty good for the price. The main body (colored red, green, or blue) is made of metal; the rest are made of plastic. The models are made in Thailand and have a scale of 1:47 (which is a problem since most of my models have a scale of around 1:64).

I found models in three different colors; I don’t know if there are models in other colors. At the top of the roof is a sign labeled “TAXI,” the rear of the vehicle has a sign labeled “THAILAND,” the right side has a sign labeled “มจ 1964” (possibly “MC 1964”), and the front has a sign labeled “มจ 1964” plus a few more Thai characters that I couldn’t read.

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