Miss Universe Pageant Philippines

Last April 5, 2017, I passed by the Philippine Postal Corporation in Manila and bought a few items for my “Philippine stamps about Philippine stamps” collection.

To celebrate the holding of the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant in the Philippines, three stamps (with denominations of 12, 17, and 55 pesos) and one souvenir sheet (with a denomination of 100 pesos) were issued on January 24, 2017. 103,500 of the stamps and 6,000 of the souvenir sheet were made.

I was able to buy a miniature sheet (with the designs in a se-tenant strip of three) (for 252 pesos), a souvenir sheet (for 100 pesos) and the first day covers (for 99 pesos and 115 pesos).

There were no ready-made first day covers for the three stamps, so the employee at the store sold me the stamps and the first day cover separately and told me to go upstairs to have them postmarked. From the stamps available for sale, I chose three with a bottom selvage. (I’m hoping mine is the only first day cover with selvage.)

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