Shopping spree

Whenever I pass by Toy Kingdom Express at SM City Naga, I usually buy 0, 1, or 2 Hot Wheels because I seldom see something I like and don’t already have. When I passed by yesterday, I saw the same old models. But a salesperson saw me and said that he had a new box of Hot Wheels that he would like to show me. When he came back with it, I had to get a shopping basket to hold all the models that interested me. In the end, my wife and I ended up picking the models shown below. I’ll blog about some of them in the future.


7 thoughts on “Shopping spree”

  1. Great haul, I see you like the Tooned series, I’m not so sure about those cars, I have the ’68 Mustang but generally prefer more realistic cars. It is great when you see a new selection after having seen the same old variety for so long. Here I was excited when the models from the 2017 B Case hit the pegs (Nissan Fairlady 2000, Tooned ’68 Mustang, The Mystery machine), but now I have the models I want from that selection. The Kafer Racer and Gas Monkey Corvette you found are high on my wants’ list, unfortunately for me the VW first appears in the C Case and the Corvette in the D Case (neither of which have appeared here yet) – I am an avid follower of RaceGrooves unboxing videos on Youtube.

    1. It seems that toy store salespersons in the Philippines can easily spot customers who are “collectors.” They give collectors special service because they know collectors are likely to buy the high-priced items. Some salespersons even hide the collectible items and bring them out only when collectors come. (Since they usually hide the Batman-related Hot Wheels scale models, I used to call their hiding places “Bat-Caves.”) Whenever I go to a toy store and no salesperson is there to help me, I just look for the hiding places (usually in a high shelf behind some big boxes) and sometimes find a few collectibles hidden away there.

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